2015 Successful SEO Tips Implement for 2016 Also

Digital Media Role implemented advanced SEO techniques in 2015, again we are planning to implement in 2016 including more parameters.

2016 seo techniques

SEO On Page Technical Recommendations

1.Site should be mobile friendly
2.Make sure design, font size and alignment is good
3.Update IP Canonicalization to avoid duplicate content issues
4.Do keyword research and analysis
5.Create SEO friendly URLs, avoid underscores & id’s in the URL. Example for best URLs: (http://www.digitalmediarole.com/), (http://www.digitalmediarole.com/seo/), (http://www.digitalmediarole.com/on-page-seo/), (http://www.digitalmediarole.com/off-page-seo/), (http://www.digitalmediarole.com/blog/).
6.Post content in each page
7.Content should be unique and meaningful
8.Do not post duplicate content or copy content from other sites
9.Update internal linking to your targeted keywords in the content
10.Update heading tags (H1 to h6) and strong or bold tags
11.Upload best visible images and videos.
12.Update alt & title attributes, image description & caption & file name for your images
13.Sign up Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) and Google Analytics
14.Create Bing Webmaster Tools account
15.Enable the following option in Google Search Console site settings “Don’t set preferred domain”
16.Redirect your website everything with “WWW” (Home page & all URLs)
17.Generate an XML sitemap and upload to your site.
18.Create general sitemap page ex: http://www.digitalmediarole.com/sitemap/
19.Write meta tags for each page (Title & Description only).
20.Add your target keywords in the meta title
21.Write Meta Title meaningful with 600 pixels to using the following Google search preview SEO tool
22.Check broken links and fix 404 links
23.Create custom 404 pages
24.Check w3c validation and fix errors
25.Update no follow tags for your site external links
26.Create a contact page with complete details like Phone number, address, Google map directions, contact form etc. Ex: http://www.digitalmediarole.com/contact/
27.Create a blog for your site and post daily content about your products, services and tips etc.
28.Create social profiles & pages and update in the site
29.Optimize your website official logo, social icons and address with schema and update in your site header.
30.Start highlighting your blog posts in Google Search console under Data Highlighter option.
31.Check your page speed and improve your page speed faster on all devices to open your pages in between 2 to 3 seconds.

32.Implement AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to improve your web page speed in low networks on mobile.

Off Page SEO Techniques

Digital Media Role still recommended Link Building! Yes, back links are very important to your website, but we need to build quality links only. Simply you can follow the below techniques and get good backlinks to your site.

1.Concentrate on high authority directories which is relevant to your website category
2.Do social bookmarking with high authority sites
3.Create presentations with unique content and upload in high authority sites like slideshare.net
4.Post best images on image sites like Flickr.com.
5.Post blogs & articles in the top authority sites like Hubspot, ezine, blogspot, WordPress
6.Participate forum conversation if it is necessary
7.Blog commenting is one of the best way to highlight our brand name, but make sure genuine comments only
8.Do competitor analysis and collect your competitors backlinks and try to list in your competitor’s backlinks if those backlinks are really useful.


Hope the above techniques will help you to improve your website rankings and traffic in online. DMR will provide you more techniques soon. Contact for any query http://www.digitalmediarole.com/contact/



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