Digital Media Role

Digital Media Role specialized in Digital Marketing, search engine optimization, Social Media, Google Ads, Online Marketing. We had 14 years of experience in the Digital Marketing.

Our team has been years and years of experience in different digital media marketing technologies such as SEO, Social Media, Search Engine Marketing, Article Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Development and Design. 

What is SEO?

SEO defines Search Engine Optimization. It is the technology to get traffic and ranking free from organic listings on search engines.

Top primary search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have similar results, where websites and other articles such as presentations, videos or local business listings are shown and ranked based on what search engines observes most relevant to users.

Search Engine Optimization Process for Beginners:

Search Algorithm Steps:

  1. Words Information
  2. Title Information
  3. Links Information
  4. Words or phrases in Links
  5. Reputation

The above following points are the SEO basics.

Web Design:Web design is the idea and creation of websites. Similarly it includes the information architecture, user visibility, site structure, navigation, layout, colors, fonts, graphs, maps and images. The main purpose of web design to create a website that connect the goals of the site owner and designer. DMR provides web design tips by industry professionals.

Web Development:Web development is the back end of the website, it is programmed and influence on the web pages. Developer concentrates on how a website works and how the customers get objects done on it. Web developers know how to program and scripts like PHP. They know about how web pages work and can keep a website working effectively. Digital media role team has been years and years of experience in the web development industry.

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