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Do you concentrate on your content? The content is always important for search engines. Google and other major search engines Yahoo and Bing want every time fresh information to give users.

What is Quality Content? And Tips for Writing Good information

It means relevant information is called quality content. You need to explain about your page in detail to users.

  1. Don’t copy information from other websites, because duplicate content websites will be getting a penalty by Google.
  2. Always write unique contentContent-Writing-300x199
  3. Re check grammar and spelling mistakes
  4. Include your target keywords in content, but don’t repeat keywords continuously on the same page.
  5. Optimize your content with internal linking. Give relevant internal and external hyperlinks to the relevant long tail keyword phrases.
  6. Make sure relevant images, graphs, charts and videos in your page
  7. Write minimum 300 and words and more
  8. Explain clearly about the topic from introduction to conclusion about advantages and disadvantages.
  9. Read your competitors’ articles to get content idea and topics.

 About Backlinks

Yes, before in 2009 and 2010 we have worked for only backlinks after Google algorithms penguin and panda update back link concept are dead it means page rank is not a matter. Now a days Quality content only considered in search engines to get better results.

If you want to build back-links you can get only niche links which are related to your business. Try to build High authority natural back links. My strong suggestion is to write good articles every day and share to users in social networks and share some knowledge with them. Google said, Write your articles primarily for Users not for search engines.


Now a days every industry wants internet marketing or online marketing. So in the present competitive world we need to upgrade our SEO techniques to our websites to get top rankings in search results such as traffic and leads. Hope the above tips will help to write SEO friendly content for your business websites in 2015.



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