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Is Content Internal Linking will Help to boost your SEO Rankings?

Yes, content internal linking will help to get better rankings in search engine results. It is one of the great on page SEO technique.

How to do content, internal linking?

Here are the simple instructions
1-Give hyperlink to the right keyword, make sure that particular keyword have been a page
2-Update hyper link to your target keywords, which are already have been good information page
3-Do not give irrelevant hyperlinks to irrelevant phrases
4-Your keyword landing page should be full length information

Heading Tags

Heading tags are an SEO ranking factor and it is the most important on page parameter. We have six heading tags h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, and h6. H1 is the highest priority tag and h6 is the lowest priority tag.

When Google visits your landing pages, it will focus on primarily h1, h2 and h3 tags. So update heading tags in your content. Update your main title in H1 tags and you can update remaining tags (h2 and h3) to your sub headings and h4, h5, h6 you can use these tags as a subsection headings.

Strong & Bold Tags

These tags are already SEO ranking factors. Google treats strong tags and bold tags both are same. There is no difference except names, I recommended you can update your brand name in Strong tags.
Images – ALT Tags, and Title Attribute

It is also one of the ranking factors in Google search results. We know already, Google does not understand images, that’s the reason we need to update ALT tags for search engine title tags for users.
About SEO friendly Images

Create your images completely for SEO and user friendly. Here are a few instructions to upload best images on the server.
1. Make sure your image file name and image URL should be with your target relevant keyword
2. The image should be well visible
3. Use own copyrighted Images only
4. Your website logo should be with schema code


Content optimization is one of the primary technique in SEO to get fast ranks in search engines. It will be helpful to the users also. Optimize your content with the following above techniques and get best results. To learn more advance on page techniques you can follow Digital Media Role Blogs.

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