Four Important Mobile Friendly Search Engine Techniques

We know already, Google has confirmed mobile friendly is ranking factor, it will be work from April 21st 2015! Already Google was sending warning messages to non-mobile friendly websites in Google webmaster tools and provide you mobile friendly suggestions in traffic search option mobile usability.

Here are Mobile Friendly Instructions primarily you need to do for SEO Friendly

Mobile friendly search
  1. First, you can analyze your site in the mobile friendly test tool here
  2. If your site is not mobile friendly make your website in responsive design of the following simple Google’s mobile friendly guide
  3. Collect pages from Google Analytics, which is already more traffic in organic search results. Primarily these pages should be mobile friendly.
  4. For example, if someone searching for something in search engines, he will get some result pages, so these pages should be mobile friendly.

Questions and Answers about Mobile Friendly

Question: I have updated my website with responsive design, even though some pages are showing not mobile friendly why?

Answer: It means you did not update all pages to mobile friendly, you can add a meta tag to the head of document and re check your pages make mobile friendly. Here are the top three things you should know when building a website for mobile devices

Important Search engines Recommendations

  1. Do not disallow your CSS, JavaScript and images in robots.txt. Because these things are most important to search engines to understand about your pages.
  2. Do not use the below lines in robots.txt file

                       Ex: Disallow: /CSS/ and Disallow: /images/


Make your site mobile friendly. Learn more guidance here and read Google mobile friendly algorithm updates

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