Google is rolling out a mobile friendly update 1

Yes, Google is rolling out a mobile friendly update!

Google said mobile friendly sites are now SEO ranking factor, today updated their mobile friendly algorithm to give rankings to mobile friendly sites on mobile search results.

Primarily this update concentrate on high quality relevant sites which are better readable without zooming and tapping. Page should be avoided unplayable content and horizontal scrolling.

Find the screenshots of the fully mobile friendly site

 google mobile friendlydigital media role menu for mobile friendly









What is the main advantage with this mobile friendly update?

  1. This update affects on mobile devices search rankings to all languages and locations for all individual pages.
  2. Also, Google said, search query is a still a very strong signal with a high quality content.
  3. It is a page wise update not entire sites.

Here are more details and FAQs about mobile friendly update



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  • Sunil K Chaira

    Actually, you are right. Today, it is very important to have a mobile friendly website. Google and many other search engines appriciate mobile friendly websites.

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