Google is Showing Site Name & Breadcrumbs in Mobile SERPs

Find new Google rich snippet in mobile search results!

Google mobile search results are showing now website name and breadcrumbs instead of a URL.

It is really awesome more than previous mobile search results snippet because, it was completely user friendly, also showing correct navigation of the website as breadcrumbs. Actually breadcrumbs are user friendly till now, I am expecting Google will announce, it will be also one of the SEO ranking factor soon!

Anyways, did you check your websites status in your mobile devices? After checking your website status in mobile search results, if you found any wrong results about your brand name and breadcrumbs info, simply you can add your site name in search results! Google provides a JSON-LD script you can add your website name, alternate name and your website URL and update the code in your website header. Before update you can check snippet preview in Google’s official testing tool here

Suggestions for Web Developers

Here is the Digital Media Role example script to add your site name in search results. You can add the below code in the header section.

<script type=”application/ld+json”>
    {  “@context” : “”,
       “@type” : “WebSite”,
       “name” : “Digital Media Role“,
       “alternateName” : “DMR“,
       “url” : ““

for example if your site is WordPress, go to header.php and place this code before </head>.

Suggestions for SEO’s

After updating this script in the website you can open Google webmaster tools and go to crawl section and click fetch as Google simply fetch your home page to desktop and mobile. After the next crawl by Google your domain, it will be displayed with website name and breadcrumbs in mobile search results.

Still if you have any doubts you can open the following site and follow the instructions. All the best.

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