Google Webmaster Tool Rebrands to Google Search Central

google search central
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Google announced yesterday, from now Google webmasters  is a Google Search Central.

Google changing Google Webmaster Central name as Google search Central. This change will impact on most of the platforms in the next couple days.

We know already in May 10th 2015 Google Webmaster Tools renamed to Google Search Console. Now we are using new version of Google search Console, still Google is developing new features for new version of Google Webmasters.

Google Webmaster Tools  or Google Search Console or New name of Google Search Central help to the people to improve their website visibility on Google search engine.  Every SEO expert need to know about Google Webmaster Tools options.

Here are the list of new names of Google Help or Support

Help forum: Old Name: Webmaster Help Community, New Name: Google Search Central Community

In this help community forums we can see how Google search works, crawling, and indexing, search guidelines, and other Google updates information. This information will be updated in the next few days on new website. Also Google official blog moving to their main site. It will take week time.  Here is the official confirmation from Google Webmaster Central Blog

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