Google Webmaster Tools is now Google Search Console

Here are simple instructions to add your site in Google webmaster tools or search console.

  1. Sign into Google webmasters here
  2. Find Add a Site button on the top right
  3. Submit your website full URL like this
  4. You can continue the site verification methods. There are two types of verification methods one is verified through SERVER and another is verified by Email.

 You can select your comfortable verification method you want, and you can follow the instructions. You can add up to 1000 websites from one email account.

Here is a list of the kind of sites you need to add

Examples URLs

 Also webmaster tools provides you country wise options. For example if your website is has separate sections for different countries and Google search console recommend adding each of those sub sites or sub folders as a separate website.

For example if you have a Digital Marketing site with specific sub folders covering UK, USA, and India, you could add the following websites to your search console account.


if your website has http:// and https:// versions, you should add each as a different site.

Read the following article to submit your site with https:// (

How to use Google Webmaster Tools or Search Console Options

There is a easy and comfortable options are available in Google search console. Find important options in your site dashboard in search console left side.


Search Appearance

  • Structured Data
  • Rich Cards
  • Data Highlighter
  • HTML Improvements
  • Sitelinks
  • Accelrated Mobile Pages

Search traffic

  • Search Analytics (new), (Search Queries (old option)
  • Links to your site
  • Internal Links
  • Manual Actions
  • International Targeting
  • Mobile Usability

Google Index

  • Index status
  • Content keywords
  • Blocked Resources (new)
  • Remove URLs


  • Crawl errors
  • Crawl stats
  • Fetch as Google
  • robots.txt Tester
  • Sitemaps
  • URL Parameters

Security Issues

Other Resources

Explanation about Google Search Console

Site Messages

Google will inform you if your site got any error message by robots crawl problems etc.

Search appearance

Structured Data

The following option monitors your data and provide you all pages missing factors about your title and description author info etc. Here is the article from Google

Rich Cards

It is the new option for particularly products, Events and reviews. It is showing cards errors reports also.

Data Highlighter

It means your site’s information will show in search results. Here is introduction to data highlighter by Jack Menzel product Management director.

HTML Improvements

The following option may help your site’s user experience and performance. It will provide you information about meta long and short, duplicate description details, such as missing, long & short and duplicate title tags.


Sitelinks are automatically generated links from your website it will show in search results. If you don’t want one particular page site link in the search results you can simply leave your link in the sitelink URL box.

Accelerated Mobile Pages – AMP

AMP is the new google update for Mobile. These pages are loading very fast in low networks on mobile. It is not SEO ranking factor now! Read information about AMP

Search Traffic

Search Queries

The following options provide you keywords on your website detailed information about your keyword impressions, clicks, CTR and Avg positions of your keyword for your website in search results.

Link to your site

It means you backlinks and also provides sample and latest links.

Internal links

you can find your internal links here leave your internal pages in the search box you can find out.

Manual Actions

Manual action is checking the quality of your website backlinks. If you can build UN natural links to your site, Google will send to you Google algorithms, penguin and panda related warnings.

International Targeting

You can set you malty languages here and find the country option you can set your targeting country location.

Mobile Usability

It is the latest option to fix mobile usability issues and also provide your suggestions to improve your mobile site.

Google Index

Index status

It will show data of your site total indexed pages.

Content keywords

It means your density of keywords in your website content

Remove URL’s

Here is best option to remove or crawl or index your URL’s in Google. search results


URL errors

Find your broken URL’s here such as 404 and soft 404 etc.

Crawl stats

it will provide you Googlebot activity in the last 3months and also show of your pages crawled information per day.

Fetch as Google

You can inform about your new page index to your Google to using the following option.

Robots.txt Tester

you can check and edit your robots.txt errors here and fix it.


This option will provide information about your web pages, images and videos xml sitemaps content

Security Issues

To avoid hacking issues you can simply follow the tips here

Other Resources

The following option has been providing 7 sub options

  1. Structured data testing tool
  2. structured data markup helper
  3. Email markup tester
  4. Google places,
  5. Google merchant center
  6. page speed insights
  7. custom search

Conclusion – Hope the following instructions may help to you, add your website today in Google search console or webmaster tools and track your website information.



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