How to Optimize your New Page for SEO Friendly

Before publishing new page or post or category pages you need to follow few important on page optimization instructions. Digital Media Role provides advanced on page SEO techniques for your website.

On Page SEO for New Page or Post

  1. Start keyword research for your new page category
  2. Make sure your target keyword in the URL.
  3. Write minimum 300 words.
  4. Put your main keywords in the Meta title and page or post title.
  5. Update your primary keywords in heading tags like H1 tags, h2 & h3.
  6. If you have images you can update file names with your selected keywords, and write ALT tags.
  7. Do internal linking to your targeted keywords in the page content.
  8. Do not repeat same anchor text same hyperlinks in the same page.
  9. If it is a blog post, use one or two external links in the page as an anchor text.

Additional On Page Optimization Techniques for Fast Index and Rich Snippets

  1. After publishing your page, you can fetch as Google for Desktop & Mobile in Google Webmaster Tools or Search Console.
  2. Next, go to Search Appearance in Search console, select Data Highlighter and Start Highlighting your article or post to visible good rich snippet in search results (Expecting rich snippets will be Google ranking factor soon).

Off Page

Submit your new page in the major social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Delicious, Stumble upon,, diigo etc.

Social Media Page Sharing

Share your page in the top social network pages like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more.

Final Words

Hope the above SEO instructions will helpful to your business website to get good traffic and ranks in major search engines. Learn more Search engine optimization techniques here

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