How to Use URL Inspection Tool in Google Search Console

In the new version of Google search console, Google Webmaster Tool introduced URL inspection tool to index website URLs.

Here are the options to inspect your URL in Google webmaster tool or search console.

url inspection tool in google search console

URL Inspection Options:

  1. Login Google search console
  2. Click on URL Inspection
  3. Find search box on top navigation and give your URL, then click on search icon
  4. Find your URL coverage status as well as mobile friendly, AMP, search box links status below (If you find any errors, first you can fix those errors by developers, after fixing the errors you can send index request).
  5. Now find Request Indexing option right side
  6. Click on it, It will test your URL on to two minutes
  7. After testing your URL will be indexed successfully in Google.

Telugu Version:

Onpage SEO Class 11 తెలుగులో – Website New Page ని Instant గ Google లో ఎలా Index చెయ్యాలి

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