How to Write & Publish Content for Articles, Blogs & Web Pages – Quick SEO Tips

how to write seo friendly content
  1. First understand your website business or services or products
  2. Next do keyword analysis for that particular services page. Watch this video how to do Keyword Analysis:
  3. And finalize your topic related few keywords (2 to 5 keywords) for that particular page
  4. In the website article first Write introduction of your service
  5. Explain all the service features in the remaining paragraphs
  6. Add your targeted finalized keywords 2 or 3 in the article
  7. Add your targeted keyword in the Article Title
  8. Update internal linking to your targeted keywords. How to do internal linking watch this video:
  9. Add your targeted keyword in the sub headings with meaningful sentence and add H2 tags. Here is how to update h2 tags video:
  10. Conclusion should be good
  11. Provide all contact details in the conclusion (email, Mobile Number, Website link) for best customer support
  12. If you have any “service or product image”, upload good looking image and update ALT Tags for that image. Watch this video How to update ALT tags:
  13. Before Publish Content or Blog or Article in your website, update Meta Tags (Title & Description). Here is the guide how to update Meta Tags:

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