Image Optimization techniques for SEO

Users will easily attract for good visible images. Update your images with right pictures. Many people using images in the articles, and social networking sties.

Here are instructions for Web Developers to create and design best images and image URLs

  1. Design best images related to your situational topic
  2. Save your image file name with your topic name
  3. The image file name should be in the image URL
  4. The image should be below 100kb
  5. Save image with JPG/JPEG or PNG

SEO and User Friendly Recommendations

Update ALT tags

Search engines did not understand images that’s the reason you can update alt tags to the image.
Ex: Here is the alt tag example code alt=“example”. Write ALT tags especially for search engines you can select more searches keywords through keyword analysis for alt tags.

Update Title Tags

Title tags are using for users. You can write title tags for user friendly, it means you can prepare your title tag on your topic.

Ex: Here is title tag example code title=“example”

Important Instruction – write title & alt tags below 115 characters, many SEO experts are recommending the following length.

Image optimization

See the below image is the best example. We have optimized the following image for both SEO and user friendly.

If you can observe the above image, we have picked relevant image and optimized with image file name, SEO friendly image URL, and alt & title tags.

Our alt tag is alt=”Image optimization” – SEO friendly
The title tag is title=”Images-alt & title tags for SEO and user friendly” – User friendly

Image description – Here is information about image optimization such as alt tags and title tags and SEO and user friendly techniques.
Image size – 80.7KB (100kb images are SEO friendly and it will be helpful to your website page speed).

Social Media is the best source to upload many images

Update the best relevant images in your social networks. The image should be user friendly and more attractive with high definition.


Image creation and design are the beautiful art! Implement the above easy techniques and improve your SEO rankings and traffic to your website. Hope we have covered all image optimization techniques. Let me know more SEO suggestions from your side, so that we will update here in this article. Download free photos or images to your website, blogs and social networking sites here

Here is downloading process – search image – select your favorite photo – find free download option in the right sidebar – download – tick the terms and conditions – enter your email address – type captcha – click download button and save it. Don’t worry about the water mark after downloading the image will be shown without watermark.

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