Link building tips

SEO On-page vs Off-page

  1. Relevance
  2. Quality content
  3. High quality local back links

1. Relevance: Relevancy is the most important. Search engines always support relevance. SEO Relevance means, “The relation of something to the information at hand”.

The most relevant, the most useful, the most accurate search results that Google can find.

2.     Quality Content:


  1. Create useful information.
  2.  Write accurate text about your topic.
  3. Write minimum 500 words
  4. Use one percent of keyword density.
  5. spelling and grammar should be good
  6. Write text in general English words
  7. Keep in mind your targeted audience to writing content
  8. Concentrate on your topic or subject, not keywords
  9. Give directions and examples about your pages, topics with relevant anchor text.

3.     High Quality Local Back links:

What is Quality Local Back link? Quality means relevance. Which website maintains good content and provides services same like our services in the local location that is called quality link.

Quality Backlinks

For example if your company provides SEO services, then you need to get back link from same SEO services websites. Not only service we need to check quality content, page rank, page authority and maintenance etc.
Important off-page suggestions:

Off page, it is continues and long term process to get unique results in organic search results through quality work.

Off page Technologies:

1. Search engine submissions (one time process)

2. Local Business Directories.

3. High quality social bookmarking

4. Blog posting (BlogSpot, word press)

5. Guest blog local posting

6. Presentations (slide share, scribd, etc)

7. Image submission (flickr, tumblr, pinterest, etc)

8. Video creation, submission (youtube)

Important Note: Google did not said in any article officially about stop link building strategies; they said only to avoid low quality links, low quality directories, low quality social bookmarking, low quality blogs and articles etc. Here is official Source provide by Google support center:

How can we promote our websites in the right way?

Here are important suggestions to all off page submissions.

Title: Title is the most important factor to users and search engines to get best user impression and ranking faster.

1-    You can write best relevant title about your page

2-    Characters should be 55 to 63.

3-    Don’t repeat same words in multiple times in the title. (Bad title examples: SEO Services – Cheap SEO Services) (Social Media services | Social Media Services Companies) (PPC services in los angels – PPC Services Los Angles)

Suggestion and example to write best titles:    

Format:  1- About your Topic or page – country | Brand


2- About your Topic only.


  • Search Engine Optimization Services in Los Angeles
  • Web Design, Development Services for Websites
  • Internet Marketing Services for Small Business

 Description:  It stands summary about our page let to the users and search engines; we must maintain unique description to all pages and submissions. If you can see recent video about duplicate description by Google Webmaster Matt Cutts, he said write unique description to each and every important page.


  1. Description should be 150 to 160 characters (155 effective)
  2. Explain relevant summary about your page.
  3. Don’t repeat your title in the description.
  4. Don’t copy words from our website pages and other websites, you can write relevant lines by your own without spelling mistakes.

If You can follow the above instructions to your website, you will be top on search results. For more techniques about SEO, web design and development tips visit digital media role about page.