Mobile Friendly Sites are Ranking Factor Now

Finally Google has confirmed mobile friendly is one of the ranking factor. It will be work from April 21st 2015.

Check your websites in mobile friendly test tool, Digital Media Role has already posted article on November 18th 2014 about mobile friendly testing tool. Here is official Google Mobile friendly test tool:

This test will provide you status of your website mobile friendly or not. Here is complete guide to fix your website pages mobile friendly

Also get your mobile usability instructions in Google webmaster tool under search traffic option.

We have already tested our website Digital Media Role. It is showing completely Mobile friendly and we did not get any warning messages in Google webmaster tool also showing our website in mobile search results with Mobile friendly note here is screenshot of Digital Media Role how it is showing in mobile search results.


Get ready! We have one month time it is really super direct advance clue from Google to fix your websites more closer to mobile friendly to get good ranks in major search engine Google. To learn more Watch the following video about mobile friendly. All the best!

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