off page seo

Off Page SEO Techniques

Build quality and natural links to your website. Still links are the most important part of SEO.

If you want top rankings in Google and other top search engines like Yahoo and Bing to your business website you must build high quality links.

Make sure we need relevant local back links.

How to Build Quality Niche Local Back-links

Here are the SEO latest technologies to improve your keyword rankings.

  1. High Authority and page rank relevant business directories. Directories technology is still working; it is not 100% spam.
  2. High quality Social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking is the most important user and search engine friendly technique in SEO to get traffic and ranks in major search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Top Social Bookmarking Sites


Additional Link building Techniques

  1. Blog posting
  2. Articles Posting
  3. Guest posting (concentrate on relevant industry sites only)
  4. Presentations with quality relevant images and text
  5. PDF submissions(Make sure unique content to each and every document submission)
  6. Video marketing
  7. Images promotions
Sensitive links and Traffic building techniques
  1. Blog commenting
  2. Forum posting

I am getting frequently hundreds of blog comments to my SEO techniques blog. I did not approve their comments because those comments are UN natural irrelevant non sense text. Try to read complete article and understand the concept and start your conversation about the topics.

About forum posting don’t create promotional based forums. Read forum guidelines and create original detailed profile and post your doubts and clarify user questions with your answer so that it will be benefit a lot to your websites.


Apply the above technologies to your site and write unique and quality content to each and every submission including blogs, articles, DS and SBM etc