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According to Google algorithms Panda already we know thin content and pages with empty information sites are will be penalized.

So we need to update content for each and every page including products pages and items pages etc to avoid penalties from Google.

I observed few e commerce sites; if product was sold out; the page is showing with empty information. There is no sold-out notice board or stock not available notice or any other call to action notice. I am thinking that is not user or customer friendly site. Customer stays on your page one or two seconds only he will jump to another site so that we will get bounce rate a lot.

Google will penalize to empty and thin content pages. That’s the reason we need to optimize this type of pages.

Here are SEO suggestions for both User and Search Engine Friendly

Instead for empty pages we need to provide some information with at least 300 words to the customers about our sold out item. Primarily we need to optimize content for user friendly to cover the below information and secondary we need to cover search engines with internal linking.

  1. Sold out or out of stock board
  2. About productEcommerce-SEO-150x150
  3. Specifications
  4. Importance
  5. Advantages
  6. How many members purchased the item?
  7. Why they liked so much specially for that item etc.
  8. Call to Action Phone Number
  9. If stock is not available try to give other details of your partner niche sites or other friendly dealers information.

Google Webmaster Tools

We have one option in GWT under Google index that is Remove URLs.

If you don’t want indexed or crawl the sold out item URL in Google search results you can use the above option. But I don’t recommend that option except test pages. Because instead of remove that page we need to post some information that will be benefited a lot.

Process we need to do

  1. First we need to collect all empty item page URLs for each product site.
  2. We need to get product information from the client what I have discussed in the above nine points, after getting information we need to do internal linking and publish again the same page.


Update your item and product pages smartly with detailed information to avoid Google penalties. If Google already indexed your URL there is a chance to get negative ranks to your site.



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