Pay Per click also called cost per click. It is an internet marketing advertising technology to increase direct traffic for your websites.

Below are few of the most equal terms used to refer to PPC and SEM services.ppc

  1. Ads for paid search
  2. Advertising for paid search
  3. Pay per click (PPC)
  4. Cost per click (CPC)

Tips for PPC Advertising

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Google Ad words

Ad words is own advertising resource of Google. It is offering pay per click, cost per management advertising as well as website target banners, text and rich media advertisement.

Ad words are the Google’s main revenue part.

If you use this service you will be get your ads on Google’s networks.

Google Ads Display Network

Google ads are displaying with partners Google such as Gmail, YouTube and BlogSpot etc.

Why you need to use paid search

The first important thing is your website or brand at the top of the search results. If you have more investment, PPC is the way o get to the top of your websites faster.

PPC campaign is the easy and fast results technology. You can setup campaign less than one hour only. You’re as will be immediately display online in the sponsored links. Paid search is an important part of online marketing strategy.

CPC (Cost per Click Important Factors)

  1. No. of competitors word bidding
  2. Search results position from 1 to 10 places
  3. Ads quality and keyword relevance
  4. Website quality for users
  5. Click through rate of the ads how many people click the ad compared with how many times ads displaying in search results.


Finally PPC advertisement allows fastest results. These campaign ads live within a few hours it means that clicks and revenue will generate in a less time a day.



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