2015 Advanced SEO Techniques

SEO on page and off page Techniques

Earlier we have updated SEO ranking factors for 2014. DMR done SEO survey on own website. Here are important SEO techniques for 2015.

On Page

  1. Make sure redirections to your website everything with www.
  2. Update XML site map and HTML sitemaps.
  3. Create robots.txt.
  4. Write relevant Meta tags (Title and Description only) for each page.
  5. Use keywords should be in title.
  6. Write Header tags H1, h2, h3 primarily.
  7. Update ALT tags to all images.
  8. Give internal linking to relevant long tail keywords.
  9. Create blog snippet on home page footer.
  10. Put copyrights note in footer.
  11. Use schema code for all images, videos, address, social profiles and logo.
  12. Create videos-sitemap.xml and submit in Google webmaster tools.
  13. Update contact address and phone number
  14. Make your site in responsive design
  15. Improve your page speed between 3 to 4 seconds.
  16. Check broken links and fix it.
  17. Check HTML improvements in Google webmaster tools or Google Search Console and update.
  18. Update social icons and social sharing buttons in your website
  19. Apply Google authorship (still it is value thing in Google)
  20. Mobile Friendly is now ranking factor since 2015 April 21st.

Off Page seo link building

Link building is not spam. Without links there is no SEO. Here are important link building techniques for 2015.

  1. Search engine submissions
  2. High authority Local directories submission
  3. Local listing
  4. High authority social bookmarking sites
  5. Google plus regular posts
  6. Ezine article submission
  7. High authority presentations like scribd, slideshare etc.
  8. Info graphics
  9. Blogspot and wordpres blogs creation and postings.
  10. PDF submissions (post fresh content only)


The following SEO on page and off page techniques are improve your website rankings and traffic for high growth of your business. Download more Search engine optimization ranking factors for 2015 PDF document.