SEO Ranking Factors

Digital Media Role provides search engine optimization tips and tricks. SEO is the low cost business and well result technology. We will help you to get top rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines search results. We will always updating quality tips on the following industries SEO, Social Media Marketing, web design and development, blogging and more search engine related topics.

SEO Latest Updates

We will provide you free online SEO training and SEO tips, tricks from our search engine optimization articles by industry experts. Our SEO experts are following latest Google search engines guidelines you can follow the guide and optimize your web pages in smart way. DMR team have been specializing in keyword research and analysis such as Google webmaster tools, Bing webmaster tools and Google Analytics.

Search Engine Ranking

Looking for Google ranking to your business website? Digital Media Role team will help to you; we are experts on on page search engine optimization and SEO off page. Our SEO specialists will provide you tips about SEO strategy and how to promote your website in high page rank and quality relevant websites to get back links. Google will assign Page rank depends upon quality back links.

Here are the Google SEO ranking factors

  1. Proper Domain name Registration
  2. Web hosting from trusted company
  3. Website design
  4. Website development
  5. Navigation files and folders
  6. Sitemaps
  7. txt file
  8. Content
  9. Keywords in title
  10. Meta title starts with keywords
  11. Keywords in meta description
  12. Keyword in H1 tags
  13. Length of content
  14. Keyword density
  15. Page loading speed
  16. Duplicate content
  17. Canonical tag and issues
  18. Image optimization
  19. Keywords in H2 and H3
  20. Outbound links quality
  21. English grammar and spelling mistakes
  22. Content syndication
  23. Count of outbound links
  24. Number of internal links
  25. Quality back links
  26. HTML elements
  27. W3c validation
  28. Page domain authority
  29. Page rank
  30. Website or URL length
  31. Path of URL
  32. Page categories
  33. XML Sitemap for primary pages
  34. Quantity and quality of keywords
  35. Frequent content updating
  36. Unique content and information
  37. Website trust
  38. Site architecture
  39. Website regular updates
  40. Location of server
  41. Maintain site privacy and policy
  42. Breadcrumb and navigation
  43. Responsive design for mobile optimization
  44. Videos optimization
  45. Website usage
  46. Reviews of users
  47. Image ALT tags
  48. Backlinks from quality websites
  49. Quality informative useful guest posts
  50. No follow links
  51. Anchor text value
  52. Landing page to right anchor text
  53. for images and videos and etc.
  54. DMOZ approval
  55. E-zine article approval
  56. Google plus, Facebook and twitter shares
  57. Apply Google authorship
  58. Brand name in anchor text
  59. Create LinkedIn company page
  60. Google Panda penalty
  61. Website over optimization
  62. Spam meta tags
  63. Natural and unnatural backlinks
  64. Links from same domain
  65. Paid links
  66. Google manual penalty
  67. Use disavow tool and send reconsideration to avoid manual spam action from Google

The above following points describe SEO off page and on page ranking factors.

SEO Checklist

On Page

  1. txt
  2. xml and Html
  3. Favicon
  4. Redirection
  5. Social icons
  6. Blog
  7. Footer navigation
  8. Copyrights
  9. Meta tags
  10. H1 tags, ALT tags and Content internal linking

Off Page

  1. Update Daily blog posts
  2. Share post in social networks

Local SEO

  1. Google Authorship (Don’t worry about rich snippet in Google search results.

Still it is one of the major ranking factor)

  1. Google business page
  2. Google Map
  3. Upload KML file
  4. Business hours
  5. Name
  6. Address,
  7. Phone number.

Social Media optimization

You can optimize content in the below top social networks daily.

  1. Facebook
  2. twitter
  3. Google plus
  4. Pinterest
  5. LinkedIn

Social Media Networking

  1. Create & join Communities
  2. Create Groups and join
  3. List creation and subscription
  4. Likes, shares, comments, follow, join, subscribe

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the communication among people in which they create, share or transfer the information and knowledge in social communities and networks. Now a day’s Social networking is the important role to each business websites these networks are helps to promote their brands. Millions of peoples are using the following social profiles Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can follow the digital media role blogs and updates to learn tips and techniques about SMM (social Media Marketing) by social media expert bloggers.

Google Algorithm

Algorithms are computer program that look for hints to give you back relevancy what you want. Google algorithms have 200 unique signals. These signals concentrating mostly on content, location and page rank & more website quality related issues. Digital Media Role updated all Google algorithms changes history and updates from the Moz blog reference.

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