SEO Review & Updates for the Last Three Months – 2020-21

First we discuss Google Algorithm updates for the last 3 months.

seo review

Google Algorithms:

1- Google rolled out Core Update on January 13th 2020. This update impacted on all languages & regions. Few clients website rankings was fluctuated by this Google search core update. 

2- Google confirmed featured snippet update on January 22nd 2020. Google was introduced featured snippet update in 2014. URL in featured snippet would no longer available in organic results.

The above two updates are confirmed by Google.

Google Search Console Updates:

Google search console added a new feature on 30th March 2020, that is “search console in Search Results“. If you can enable this feature you can show site performance data in your search results page. If you disable this, the performance data is not shown for any of your properties.

Next feature is “Email preferences” – by this option we can control emails from Google, we can inform to Google which email you want to get from Google.

Knowledge Cards:

Google is now showing specialist tab in health related knowledge cards on Mobile results. Actually Google introduced health knowledge graph cards in February 2015. When someone search common medical issues this feature will provide information like facts about health and symptoms etc.

Google Reviews

Due to corona effect Google disabled local reviews

February 2020:

Google Search Console: Change of address Tool added redirect validation & reminder features. Find this feature under settings.

Google My Business: The Google My Business Description is not Google ranking factor.

Google Maps:  (Google’s second most important product) : 15th Birthday – Find a new look and features. Introducing five easy tabs for IOS & Android: Explore, Commute, Saved, Contribute and Updates.  

January 2020:

Google Search Console: Google launched new removal tool to block internal links temporarily.

Manual Action: Google’s John Muller said Google handles reconsideration requests in batches.

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