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Introduction of SEO

SEO refers to search engine optimization. SEO is the precious technology to visible websites in search engines top. It is continuing and long-term result oriented process. SEO helps to your websites visible in the online to get top rankings in major search engine page results like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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SEO Services

Digital Media Role provides SEO services for your business. Our SEO experts have been years and years of experience in internet marketing. We help with your business growth through our SEO link building services.

We will provide you in the below following SEO services

Website Analysis

  1. Check Total website analysis Audit report
  2. Google webmaster tool set up
  3. Google Analytics set up
  4. Keyword Analysis

On Page SEO

  1. Redirections
  2. Create SEO friendly URL’s
  3. Site speed
  4. Duplicate content Analysis
  5. Meta tags optimization
  6. Header tags optimization
  7. ALT tags optimization
  8. XML and HTML sitemap creation
  9. Relevant long-tail Internal linking
  10. Broken links checking and fixing

Off page SEO

  1. Search engine submissions
  2. Local directories submission
  3. High Authority Social Bookmarking submission
  4. PDF submissions
  5. Blogs submission
  6. High authority Article submission (Ezinearticles)
  7. Presentations (slideshare and scribd etc.)

 Social Media Optimization (Regular posts)

  1. Google plus,
  2. Facebook,
  3. Twitter,
  4. linkedin,
  5. Pinterest

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