What is Search Engine Optimization-Learn SEO

SEO refers search engine optimization. That can basically improve your website and save time. Before going to start SEO to your website we need research for the potential advantages.

Website SEO Analysis

  1. Website Analysis of your site content, navigation or structure.
  2. Web developing advices such as hosting, redirection, and page not found errors and JavaScript issues etc.
  3. Online marketing and other campaigns
  4. Keyword research is the major important process
  5. SEO training – learning
  6. Command on online marketing business and locality.

Frequently the above basics are applied in Google search results for organic and paid.

Google does not accept money to give website rankings in organic search results. Google will provide you so many guides about how to optimize your websites. If you want more knowledge about SEO You can follow Google forums, central blog and Google web spam team lead matt cuts blog.

SEO Guidelines

Google Index and Rankings your website

  1. Web Design and Content policy
  2. Web development guide
  3. Quality of the website

Web Design and Content Policy

  1. Website design should be good.
  2. Create text links.
  3. Create or generate and Update sitemap for users and search engines.
  4. Maintain order of website links.
  5. Write useful information to users and clearly explain your content.
  6. Take care about spelling and grammar mistakes.
  7. Google does not understand images, you can use ALT tags to your images links.
  8. Keep your ALT and Titles accurately correct.
  9. Find broken links to using Google webmaster tool and fix it correctly.

Web Development and Technical Guide

  1. Avoid codes, ID’s such as script and frames because search engine spiders will bother to crawl your website.
  2. Update robots.txt file on your web browser. That file can inform to spiders which web page can be crawled.
  3. Check your website in all browsers to using browser compatibility tool.
  4. Observe your website performance and page speed. Fast loading websites will get good impression from users.
  5. Monitor redirections issues and fix it.
  6. Create and update snippets properly.

Qualities of Website

  1. Make web pages for users and search engines.
  2. Avoid wrong SEO techniques to increase rankings.
  3. You can explain each and everything about your topic on page.
  4. Finally make your website unique.
  5. Don’t generate automatic content.
  6. Don’t build low quality cheap links.
  7. Terminate hidden text tactics in back end.
  8. Stop over optimization and keyword stuffing.

Hope the above basics are helpful to you. For more SEO techniques and updates you can follow Digital Media Role Blog.