What are Website Analysis and SEO Site Audit?

website analysis

When you recruited someone to verify your website with tools and their manual knowledge to submit report he provides what is good and what is bad about your site it’s called SEO website audit.

Website Analysis

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Here are top priorities for your website analysis you need to check.

Optimize the following factors

Meta tags – Write title (Digital Media Role highly recommended 49 characters but the new strategy is 69 to 75 characters depends on pixels up to 600px recommended by Google) and description (149 to 157 characters) make sure that each page has a unique and relevant.

Headings – Use your important keywords in H1 tags remaining you can put in h2 and h3. Don’t write your heading tags same like as title. Content should be unique.

Keywords priority – You should use most primary keywords in your content, title, description, heading tags and internal links anchor text.

ALT tags – Google doesn’t understand images that are the reason you need to write alt attribute. Alternative text explains to search engines about your image.

Text vs. HTML percentage – You can use mostly text in your pages. Text will helps to improve your page speed more than HTML code.

Indexed Pages – It means the number of web pages indexed by search engines. Build quality relevant back links to your website it is also one of the best techniques to improve index pages.

Google plus Publisher – rel=”publisher” tag to your Google+ page, Google will pick up your content from your articles.

Broken Links – Broken links indicates bad user experience about your site. Check you broken links in www.brokenlinkcheck.com and fix your broken links.

Www Issues – Fix your website redirects everything with www to the same URL. Because search engines consider with without “www” as 2 different websites.

IP Canonicalization – To check your website, if you enter your ip address in browser it should redirect to your site if not you can fix in .htaccess or contact your webhosting services.

Robots.txt – robots.txt file explains about your restricted pages and directories to search engines at the same time it will specify about your xml sitemap location.

XML sitemap – xml sitemaps are using for crawl purpose in search engines. It can include your latest information and changes of URL’s.

URL Writing – Write your URL’s for SEO friendly. Don’t use underscores in your URL Google takes underscores as meaningless word. You can use hyphens instead of underscores, because Google doesn’t understand underscores. Google treats Hyphens as a space.

Flash and Frames – Avoid number of Flash and frames. You can use only for important enhancements. Because search engines cannot be indexed your content. For SEO purpose better you need to avoid completely flash videos and images.

Blog – Update Regular posts on your blog it will attract appropriate relevant visitors to your business.

Mobile – Improve your website speed in mobile devices. Try to put your website downloading time below 5 seconds. Recently Google added mobile optimization tips you can follow those steps for better visibility .

Mobile Friendly – Make your website in responsive design because Mobile friendly is one of the SEO ranking factor confirmed Google since 2015 April 21st.

AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages – Create AMP pages for your site to improve your page speed in low networks on your mobiles to reach more users to your website.

Usability – Make sure your important content is placed on top section of your website home page which is visible without scrolling. Also you can check in Google Analytics screen resolutions under site sped section.

Page Speed – Page speed is one of the most major parameter. Put your website speed below 4 seconds. You can check your website speed Google recommended tool here https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

Web Analytics – You can add your website at least one tool. I strongly recommended Google Analytics to track your visitors flow.

W3c Validity – Find your mark-up errors (HTML, XHTML) in the following markup validation checker http://validator.w3.org/ and fix it. Because syntax errors will stop you’re site index in search engines.

Social – Create you face book, Google plus, Twitter and LinkedIn brand pages and do the activities.


Website and competitive analysis will help to improve your website visibility, traffic and rankings in Search engines. Choose best tool in the online. You can start your website analysis today. Here is the best website analysis tool to track everything www.woorank.com.



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