What are your SEO Techniques for 2015

SEO is forever don’t trust negative comments from others. Follow the simple techniques for your website and get top ranking, traffic and positive results. First I can explain about on page SEO ranking factors. We have already in success track to using the SEO on page parameters.

On page optimization instructions

  1. Make sure your website in responsive design.
  2. Make sure your website navigation for user friendly
  3. Update robots.txt file to understand your website navigation for search engines and block unnecessary pages in robots file.
  4. Redirect your website pages everything with www.
  5. Generate and update xml sitemap for web pages, images & videos.
  6. Create general sitemap for users.
  7. Select right business keywords for your website.
  8. Create your URLs for search engine friendly; avoid numbers and special characters in page URLs. Use hyphens instead for underscores.
  9. Post unique and informative content about your page. Avoid keyword stuffing. It means don’t use repeat keywords in the content of page. Update content internal linking with right direction landing pages to users.
  10. Write Meta tags (title and description), H1 tags, Alt tags for web pages. Make sure your Meta title in 69 to 75 characters “New Strategy” (Google recommended up to 600 pixels). Digital Media Role recommended 49 characters.
  11. About heading tags you can use H1 per page only one; you can put remaining sub headings in h2, h3 to h6.
  12. Fix broken links (404 or page not found pages).
  13. Create custom 404 pages. (https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/93641?hl=en)
  14. Check you page speed and fix errors to load your web pages faster in browsers.

About E commerce websites

  1. Update customer reviews
  2. Upload product presentation videos
  3. Post questions and answers to users.
  4. Install social sharing buttons
  5. Provide search option button
  6. Clear call to action button
  7. Make sure trusted certified security cards for payments
  8. Update breadcrumbs. Here is explanation about breadcrumb http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/breadcrumb-navigation-examined-best-practices-examples/
  9. Update high quality product images
  10. Write product clear description
  11. Provide company details with phone number and address.

Read more information about e commerce SEO for already sold out or out of stock items if Google indexed those pages already. After fixing on page to your website you can start off page SEO.

Here are important off page SEO techniques

  1. Submit your website in high authority search engines
  2. Submit your website in high authority Local directories
  3. You can do social bookmarking in high authority sites
  4. Create PDF’s and submit in top sites with fresh and unique content
  5. Create informative videos and upload majorly in YouTube about your topics
  6. Image submissions are the best technique to attract users
  7. Write best unique articles and submit in high authority article sites like ezinearticles.
  8. Post your updated information in major social networks Google plus, twitter, face book and LinkedIn, pinterest and tumbler.

The above all SEO techniques help to your website presence in online top and these techniques will improve your keyword rankings in top search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.



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