What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook is the most popular social media platform 2.6 billion monthly active users are using FB.

facebook ads

Facebook Launched Advertisement Feature on November 6th 2007. Through Facebook ads we can promote our business, website, YouTube channel, videos, and products. Also we can target advertising to the exact audiences, we can target our business audience location, industries, language and more. Number of people is using Facebook ads for their business branding.  

It’s completely paid service, price is depends on targeted audience but compare with other advertisement platforms I observed it is low price advertisement platform with advanced user friendly or business friendly social media platform for small, medium & large business.

Facebook Campaign Objectives:


Brand Awareness: We can show our ads to people who are mostly likely to remember them.

Reach: We can show our ads to the maximum number of people


Traffic: We can promote our website on facebook WhatsApp, Apps, Facebook event, and fb messengers. We can build website traffic also.

Engagement: We can get more Facebook page likes, event responses, post reactions, comments and shares.

App Installs: We can promote our apps to install number of people

Video Views: We can promote our videos

Lead Generation: We can get leads to improve our business growth or brand

Messages: We can show our ad to WhatsApp users, WhatsApp and Instagram direct messages.


Conversions: We can promote our products here for purchasing

Catalogue Sales: We can add catalogue items

Store Traffic: We can display our physical store location ad to the people for purchases.

Important Facebokk Ads Options:


We can target custom audience including location, Age, Gender, demographics, interests, behaviors, and languages.

Placements:  Facebook placements means Facebook ad system display our ad in all fb networks. We can select manual placements and automatic placements.

To Start Facebook advertisement here is the official link: https://en-gb.facebook.com/business/ads

Grow your business branding, website traffic, leads and more. For more details watch this video in Telugu Language. To learn digital marketing on Tech Playlist YouTube Channel subcribe at https://www.youtube.com/techplaylist

Watch How to create facebook business ads account & How to create your first ad- Telugu

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