What is Quality Score? How to improve Quality Score

Image taken from Google’s creative commons licenses

Quality Score

Google estimate quality score based on ads, keywords, and landing page. Google calculate the quality score scale is 1-10, we can improve quality score based on expected click through rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience. Through high quality score we will get better ad position with low price. In this video we explain how to improve quality score. Video is available in Telugu language.

Ad Relevance:

Categorize your groups and give your targeted keywords for each group. If you do this Google ad system understand the ad copy and it will display your ad in search results for that particular keywords.

Next add your keywords in the ad copy. By the following technique there is a higher chance to get the best quality score that is… place your target keywords in the first headline or second headline or first description. Add keywords twice per ad, and use the rest of the space for remaining ad things. In the ad copy use general language.

Check searches in Google ads overview and analyze terms, review these keywords are related to your ad or not? if searches are related to your add then add these search terms, if not add these search terms in negative keywords section.

Expected CTR:

To improve this, we need to add more benefits, call to action and disclaimers. Make call to action more effective. Check demographics & search terms in your Google ads overview and understand audience interest and categorize group priority wise. Add phrase and broad match keywords to improve your CTR. Add ad extensions (call extensions, site links, call out extensions, location, promotion extensions etc.)

Optimize Landing Page

Ad should be match with your landing page. Call to action should be match with page content. For example if you ad is suggesting “flat for sale” then user will land on your page and inquire. Instead of that if you display “flat for rent” page, audience will leave your page. So we need to display exact landing page which is user expect. If we display irrelevant landing page we will get more bounce rate and low quality score. In this video we explain how to improve landing page experience. Video available in Telugu language.

Do experiments, based on your campaign performance, make sure the above quality score parameters.

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