What is Social Media Marketing? Optimization Techniques

social media marketing optimization
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Social media means interaction through online technologies and sharing of information on social networks. We have number of social networks in the world Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr and more. We can generate content by using these social networks, we can publish posts, comments, photos, videos on social media sites. We can advertise our business, services or product on social media platforms.

Why Social Media:

Today many people are spending time on social media sites, this is the reason we need to reach our business, services or products to social networks. We can promote or advertise our business on social networks. Social media is the best platform for engagements. Engagement means likes, comments or reactions, shares etc.

Social Media Marketing:

We can advertise our products or services on social media sites through facebook advertising, twitter ads, LinkedIn ads, instagram ads and Youtube ads. We can get more traffic to our website, we can get branding to our company, we can get leads, conversions, we can increase our online sales etc. We can target audiences, interests, demographics and locations. We have more advertising types & objectives available in social media advertising platforms. It is completely paid.

Social Media Optimization:

All social media platforms are almost free. At the same time paid ads also available. Coming to the free or organic social media optimization,  we need to create user friendly attractive content, now a day’s most of the people likes pictures & videos instead of text, so we need to create excellent images and videos that should be related to our business or products or services. Image design should be good.

Social Media Optimization Techniques:

  1. Add phone number, logo, and your services on your cover photo, it should be compatible for smart phones.
  2. Profile picture should be good
  3. Add website, phone number, email, contact address, services on about us section or profile.
  4. Do competitor analysis and observe your competitors posts and activities
  5. Write attractive post text
  6. Create best images with good design, logo, phone number, website link and social profiles
  7. Add call to action in the post content or post text
  8. Use relevant hash tags two or three, one hash tag should be brand name like #digitalmediarole
  9. Add social icons on your website or blog
  10. Add social sharing buttons on your website or blog for pages and posts
  11. Add social widgets on your website or blog
  12. Post frequency is important, you can do daily activities on all social networks
  13. Give reply to each and every comment, so that people will trust on your brand
  14. Do activity (posts) in every 3hours on social networks
  15. Post greetings for special days
  16. Post your company achievements on your social networks.

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