What is the optimal length of Meta Description

About Meta Description

Google says, 150 to 157 characters are the best length of Meta description. Yes, because Google displays 150 to 160 characters in the search results.

Why Meta description is showing more than 157 characters in Google search results?

Digital Media Role observes from the last few months, Meta description shows sometimes 170 to 300 characters in Google SERPs (Search engine results pages). Find the screenshot Google displays more than 280 characters.

meta description character lengthClick on image and view large size

I heard many SEO’s are saying, their target Meta description is not showing in Organic results! Yes, because If Google does not understand your target Meta description, Google will pick up relevant description of your page content, that’s depends on your search queries (keywords).

Is Meta Description is SEO ranking Signal?

Definitely not! Meta description is not an SEO ranking signal, it is completely user friendly till now. Similarly, we know already, we can’t write 150 to 160 characters Meta descriptions to explain summary of our page to users.


Write the best and meaningful Meta description for your pages and maintain unique, relevant descriptions to each page to understand primarily for users not for search engines.



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