Why Should We Learn Digital Marketing?

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Digital marketing means online advertising. We can advertise our business services or products, websites through digital marketing channels like SEO (Search engine optimization), Google AdWords or Google Ads, Social media, content marketing, email marketing and more digital strategies.

People are spending more time on online, social media and searching information on search engines (search engines examples: Google, Yahoo & Bing). So we need to reach our website, business and products or services to the people. To catch target audience, the best platforms are social media marketing, search engine marketing (Google Ads), email marketing, content marketing, and more digital strategies.

Social Media Marketing:

We can promote our business, website, product or services on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. We can reach targeted audience to do social media paid campaigns. Each social media platform provides target audience option, target location, interests, and more demographics. Based on our targeted audience location & interests and budget we can get results to our business.

Search Engine Marketing:

Google is world number one search engine, number of people using Google to get information about products, services, business, websites, knowledge related information, books, news and more. If we advertise our business on Google by using Google Ads platform, we can grow our business in online. Google ads offer number of campaign types like search campaign, display, video, smart, discovery, shopping campaigns to get sales, website traffic, leads and conversions. We can target our targeted audiences, target locations, interests, topics, demographics. We can optimize right keywords to reach our ad to the right people. Keyword analysis guide: Watch the below practical video (video is available in Telugu langauge).

SEO – Search Engine Optimization:

SEO means search engine optimization. Two types of optimization techniques are there one is on page SEO and second is off page optimization. We need to optimize our business website with on page optimization techniques content, Meta tags, heading tags, alt tags, internal linking and more. Once finish on page optimization we need to start promotions with the following off page optimization techniques high authority directory submissions, social bookmarking, blog posting, article posting, press releases and more. SEO is continues process we need to optimize our website regularly so that we will get good website traffic, online presence and google organic ranking.

Digital Media Role offers digital marketing online classes for students, business people, freelancers and anyone can join.

Digital Marketing Full Course Details:

Modules: Total 112 (Google Ads, Google Analytics, SEO, and Social Media Marketing)

Price: INR 14999

Duration: 45 Days

Class Type: Online: Skype or Zoom App

Digital Marketing Individual courses Details:

SEO Training– INR 4999

Duration: 1 Week

Social Media Marketing – INR 4999

Duration: 1 Week

Google AdWords or Google Ads or PPC or SEM – INR6999

Duration: 2 Weeks

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